Garage door installation used to be a task left to the pros. However, homeowners these days are venturing into making their own garage doors thanks to the DIY manuals all over the place. What people forget is that this is no walk in the park and that even a well-seasoned professional can at times get it wrong.
The DIY manuals cannot replace a trained professional with experience. At St. louis Garage Door Experts, we are ready to give a helping hand with your installation and we are just a phone call away.

The 10 common mistakes you must not commit

  1. Having obstructions in the way during installations, such as light bulbs and fixtures on the garage ceiling where you are to mount the door lift motor.
  2. Installing the door lift motor off center is another common mistake because you would not want to create a room for the obstructions. This causes the door panels to give in because the door twists every time the garage door opens.
  3. Leaving out the stiffener on the top edge of the top panel, which is essential in reinforcing the top panel of the garage door.
  4. Using nails to attach garage door components is wrong because the nails tend to fall off over time due to constant vibrations leading to loose parts.
  5. Skipping out on using insulated door panels thinking that you do not need them.
  6. Not aligning the groove and the tongue parts of the panel during assembly, this will give room for rain and other elements to wash into the garage.
  7. Not testing the safety features of the garage door after installation, this includes the sensors and reversing mechanism of the door.
  8. Selecting the wrong lift motor system for your garage door leads to poor operation of the garage door.
  9. Trying to adjust and balance torsion springs. This dangerous task can be fatal if not properly done. So call in an expert.
  10. Not following manufacturer’s instructions on mounting the door and motor systems, this can lead to system malfunctions.
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