For owners of automatic garage doors, safety should certainly be a top priority. It’s the only way you can avert disasters. If not well taken care of, automatic garage doors have the potential to cause slight to severe injuries and in worst cases, death. To avoid such scenarios from happening, here are 8 tips that are sure to help you prevent such disasters.

• Perform Maintenance Checks Monthly

Routine checks for your garage door should be done regularly and with skill. You might refer to the owner’s manual for guidelines on how to undertake garage door repair. Automatic garage doors typically have advanced features and safety devices and so it’s best in such cases to always hire a garage door services expert to do the task for you.

• Ensure the Door Features a Reversing Mechanism

Apparently, not all automatic garage doors feature the reversing mechanism, which is what allows the door to automatically close or open. If your door is one of those that closes on its own, please make an effort to change it and have it as one that features the mechanism. This might help to avoid accidents such as having someone trapped under the door.

• Make Your Children Aware About the Door and Potential Hazards Involved

First off, make your kids aware that the garage door is not a toy so as they avoid playing with it or close to it. If possible, don’t let them operate it without your close supervision. Enlighten them on the worst that could happen if they fail to observe the warnings so as they can remain aware on the dangers of failing to observe such instructions.

• Never Leave Your Door Half Open

This can be really dangerous for anyone. There are a plenty of cases where people got badly injured for not being mindful of the half-opened garage door. Keep in mind that the shutters are very much capable of closing anytime when they are left open. So be cautious with your garage door.

• Install Laser Sensors on Either Side of the Door

Make sure you’ve placed laser sensors on either side of the automatic garage door in order to enable sending of the door up whenever objects are detected on its path. This will help you avoid unwanted encounters with pets, children and other objects that may lie along the door’s way. If your system is relatively old, it may be time to seek a more recent automatic garage door installation.

• Change your Access Code Frequently

If your door is one of those that feature a touch-pad entry system placed outside of the garage, then it’s vital that you regularly change the access codes. Of course many of today’s models feature such technologies which were specifically designed to keep off strangers and intruders from gaining access to your house.

• While Away, Disconnect the Systems

If, for instance, you go on a vacation, ensure that you’ve disconnected the garage door opener unit. You can as well make good use of the electrical switch of the lock’s console which is still part of the system. This will make the remote controls inoperable which might help to avoid likely bad scenarios that could happen in your absence. It being somewhat a technical task, you can always consult the experts for more information on general garage door opener repair.

• Maintain a Clear View When Operating the Garage Door

Automatic garage doors are quite sensitive and need more attention. A slight mistake could see you witness a disaster. So ensure there are no moving objects whatsoever or any other activity inside and close to the garage door while you are operating it. Use all these tips well as that will ensure your automatic garage door operates smoothly and is completely free of disasters.