It is clear that during garage door installation, one of the critical things you need to put into account is the functionality of the garage door tracks. Actually, any sort of malfunction which may due to bending may alter its efficient operation. This in turn may affect the opening and closing of the garage door and even requires you to undertake garage door opener repair. This will prompt you to seek the garage door services which can facilitate garage door repair of the bent tracks.

In most cases, the vertical tracks that are located on the edge of the garage door are prone to damage. This may be due to the track being hit by the car or even other tools and equipment. How then can you fix your garage door with bent tracks? At first, you will need to check the extent of the damage. If it is too extreme to undertake garage door spring repair or garage door repair, then you will actually opt to replace the track with new ones.

When fixing the bent tracks, you will require the following tools:

Drill and a drill bit
Track bolts containing nuts
Socket wrench
Vise grip (2 pairs)

Here are simple steps that you can follow in order to perfectly fix the bent dent:

Inspect and open the garage door

At first, you can check the door by opening it till you reach the seam point where the horizontal track and the vertical track converge. The flag bracket located between them is meant to control the pressure emanating from the tension springs.

Clamping of vise grip

You can then attach the vise grip at the front corner located at the horizontal track just beneath the roller of the garage door. Ensure that the vise grip handles are facing the centre of the garage door. The other vise grip pair can be attached on the other similar side of the door below the roller.

Using the hammer to straighten the bracket

If the bend affected the bracket, you can ensure that the claw of the hammer is put on top of the position where the bent bracket is located. You can then twist the hammer sideways to the point that the bracket will be at the accurate level.

Removal of track bolts

Actually, you will notice that the vertical track contain some track bolts. The socket wrench can help you out in this task. You should leave the flag bracket and track brackets on their position.

Bending back the track

This is a point where you will either use the pliers or the hammer. In a situation where the track is extremely bent, you can enjoy great garage door offer by purchasing a new track for replacement.

Reattachment of the track

Once the track is aligned straight, you can reattach it together with the flag brackets. Ensure that the straight side is aligned to the wall. You can then use the track bolts to ensure that the track remains intact with the track bracket. The nuts can then be used to fasten the bolts.

Disengaging the vise grips

Once you have finished the garage door installation, you can detach the vise grips placed on the tracks. You can then test out whether the track is functioning by lowering the door through the rollers. You can then ensure that the track is firmly pushed on the wall until no space is left when the door is closed.

Those simple steps can indeed restore your garage door tracks in an efficient way possible. For any garage door services and great garage door offers for new tracks, please contact St Louis Garage Door Experts for assistance.