Garage doors are necessary in any home. They help you ensure that your car and other items stored in the garage are safe. Doors with automatic openers offer an added advantage due to the convenience they offer. They might be useful but they can also pose a safety hazard. This can especially happen in households with young children who might sustain injuries from the doors.

Consequently, it is wise to follow these seven safety tips to keep children safe:

  1. Always inform children about the dangers of playing near the garage door. They should be aware that they can sustain injuries, whether the door is open or closed. They should not place their fingers near the door hinges while opening or closing the door.
  2. As an extra precaution, always confirm that there is no child in the way before you open or close the door. When you are closing the door, make sure no one attempts to walk through while it is half closed or open. Keep your eyes on the door until it closes completely before walking or driving away.
  3. Keep the garage door remote away from children. They could easily be tempted to play with it as they may like to open and close the door. This could cause an injury if another child is playing nearby or walking through. After using the remote control, keep it somewhere where children cannot access it.
  4. While installing a garage door opener on the wall, make sure it is at a high position. This will help in preventing the children from easily punching it and playing with the door. It is also advisable to use an opening code that children cannot guess easily.
  5. If there is any defect with your garage door, find a technician in Louis to repair it. Any malfunctions can be dangerous especially when you lose control of the opening and closing of the door. When you notice a problem, alert everyone and keep the children out of the way until the garage door repairs are over.
  6. Garage doors use electricity to open and close. This means there is the risk of electrocution and so you should not attempt to carry out any repairs on it unless you are an expert. There are also springs and cables at high tension, which if mishandled, can cause critical injuries to those around. Therefore, always call a professional to do the repairs.

Before operating the garage door, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions. This should be done immediately after garage door installation. If you upgrade your door opener, you need to learn to control it as well.