Garage doors tend to break down easily because of the regular wear and tear that they undergo. While in case of a major damage you will need to call in a technician, there are smaller repairs that you can undertake yourself. However, keep safety on your mind first.

Understand all the risks that you are going to take and read about the safety measures required to keep yourself and your family safe during such repairs. To begin with, learn about the repairs that you should not undertake as an amateur.

Some Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself :

  • Do not replace panels of the garage door yourself. This is not just because it could be dangerous, but also because you do not have the technical expertise to put a finger on the exact problem. Call a garage door technician to fix such a problem.
  • Springs are dangerous things to toy with. These hold up your garage door and hence, they should only be handled by a technical expert.
  • The same goes for rollers. Rollers are subject to wear and tear due to regular use. It takes skill, experience and expertise to fix them. So seek professional expertise when you need to repair or replace them.
  • Similarly, cables take a lot of tension when handling your door. Do not think of repairing them without professional assistance.
  • If your door tracks are causing a problem, call an expert to fix them. It is too dangerous to be handing them on your own.

If the damage is minor, you can take a look at the problem yourself. Here’s how you can do it easily without causing any harm to yourself.
Step 1

If the door opener is not working, the first thing you would probably want to do is check the power source. If the plug isn’t in its right place, your opener would obviously not work!
Step 2
If the garage door won’t open even if everything seems all right, check for one of the most common mistakes that people make – leaving the lock feature on! If you do not know about the lock feature, check the user manual for information.

Step 3
If even after plugging in the switch, your garage opener is not working; try unplugging it and plugging it in again. This often works!

Step 4
Before raising a hue and cry over why your door will not respond to the remote control, check the batteries of the latter first. It is quite possible that they are dead. Replace and try again.

Step 5

If your sensors aren’t responding, clean their eyes first. Accumulation of dust can decrease the functioning power of the sensors.

If none of these work, there may be a major problem with your garage door. Contact a garage door repair specialist who can figure out and fix the problem. For all major issues, it is best to leave the repair works to an expert. This will keep you safe and ensure that your door is fixed properly.