Most garage doors have a torsion spring equipped system. The torsion spring system consists of one or two tightly linked springs on a steel shaft; the shaft having cable drums on each side. When the door is raised, the springs unlock and the cable gets turned and latched onto the grooves of the cable drums; thus lifting the door by relieving the tension. Similarly, when the door is dropped, the cable uncoils from the drum and the tension is rebuilt. Hopefully, this introduction gives you an idea how important it is for the door cable and the torsional spring system to work in mutual effectiveness for your garage door to function effortlessly.

Garage doors are fitted with torsional springs that are meant to last from three to five years. As the torsion starts to exhaust, the cable weakens, making it difficult for you to open and close your garage door. That is the indication that the loose cable of your garage door needs repair.

Why Hire A Professional?
These are the steps taken to replace loosened garage door cables:

(a) Releasing the tension in the garage door springs, after purchasing new cable.

(b) Placing c-clamps on the track below the door to prevent the door from coming down.

(c) Open the garage door, unwind the cables, replace them with new ones and hook up the spring again.

Although the steps might seem easy and doable, the dangers that might come your way if you try doing it without any expertise could be multifold. Since the door cable is attached to the bottom of the cable drum and the door, it always stays under a lot of pressure and tension. If the cable is damaged and the garage door is incapable of smooth lifting and dropping, it is highly probable that the tension/pressure that should be relieved when the torsion turns the steel shaft to lift the door is not being relieved completely. Hence, it poses a greater danger to fix a damaged cable, especially without expertise. The garage door works on a very complicated system and it is always wiser to hire an expert professional to repair loosened cables, to avoid mishaps.

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