Is your malfunctioning garage door giving you nightmares? Getting a new one installed can be a solution to this problem. This is easier said than done as the installation of a brand new door can cost you a dime. This can topple your financial planning leaving your finances in disarray.

Getting your door repaired is another option, but again you are not that sure regarding the usability and effectiveness of the old door. It is possible that your door is beyond repairs. Hence you may be exposing yourself and your family to threats of possible break-in attempts.

Confused and dumbfounded? In every possibility you must have considered the above factors while making that one important decision of whether getting the old door repaired or getting a brand new one installed.

Choosing from any of the above options is not an easy task. But you should make it a point to take a call swiftly in this regard. Any delays in doing so can hit you hard and can cause losses. In order to clear the thought process you can consult a professional offering garage door repair services. You can find one easily in St. Louis or for that reason in any part of the USA.

In order to help you arrive at a decision this write-up includes a list of signs that you should look out for:

  • Look for signs of cracked patches appearing on the wood. There is not much to worry about in case the paints are getting peeled. This is normal and is the result of the door being exposed to UV rays on a regular basis. A normal paint job would suffice in these cases. However any signs of the wood itself getting cracked should be considered to be a red flag. Also, make sure that there are no holes in the door.
  • Look for dents and dings in case you have an aluminum or steel door as these materials are highly prone to such type of damages. Not all of these dents have to be necessarily serious ones and can do with some basic repair and maintenance. However, in case your door is severely damaged you would require to replace it.
  • Old garage doors have often been found to be ineffective in trapping heat. The insulating capabilities of such doors get depleted over a period of time. This can result in you receiving high energy bills. If this is the case you may be required to change the door. While a minor problem could be taken care of by weather stripping the bottom of the door. A serious, irreparable problem may, however, require you to opt for getting a new door installed.
  • Difficulty in operating your door is a sign that there is something wrong with the parts. This puts excessive stress on the garage opener. Check certain parts like springs, rollers, tracks, etc. Lubricate the same in case they are dirty. However, it is possible that most of these parts are beyond repair. It is advisable that you get a new door installed if this is the case.