Electric garage doors requires time to time inspection and maintenance so as to be assured of efficient performance and safety. Garage doors being very heavy and the largest movable equipment in the compound, they demand frequent inspection and servicing. One should also check the lubrication requirements from the manual. You can also use the manual to understand how to make any adjustments on your electric garage doors safely. User manuals can be acquired from installing dealers, manufacturers or by contacting manufacturers as some also post them online. Accessing manuals online requires only the door brand and the model number.

Some electric garage doors are seen as luxuries but they are a necessity to others too. This is because, we would all enjoy pushing a button either to open or close the door while inside the car. Regular maintenance is required though for safe and smooth operation of the electric garage door. This is effectively done by following the steps that we have discussed down here as St.Louis Garage Door Experts.

The first thing to do should be regularly cleaning your metallic garage door. This should be done using a gentle detergent and a soft brush to clean your garage door often. Cleaning of the electric door helps in removing abrasive chemicals and dirt that may compromise its performance. This cleaning also enables you to do inspection and identify any springs and hinges that might be in need of repair. A better cleaning of wooden electric garage door will take out any deposit that may cause the door to twist or bend. Warping can also be prevented by repainting the wooden doors severally as failure to do saw can make them to twist. This would make fail to operate well as required. Moving parts should be regularly lubricated for both wooden and metallic electric garage doors as they all have springs and chains. These springs and chains allow the electric doors to move smoothly. A light spray oil should be used yearly to avoid clogging on the hinges, rollers, pivot points and the springs. This ensures your garage door slides open and closes easily. A thorough inspection on your electric door is recommended yearly as one tightens the screws and bolts. This ensures that the garage door is sliding on the rollers always thus minimizing the effects of wear and tear.

Garage door tracks should also be well cleaned and lubricated. This should be done using a piece of cloth and a intensive but non abrasive cleaner. Wipe all the door tracks and the parts of the rollers exposed as you remove excess moisture. A specially made garage door lubricant or crushed graphite is used to help in keeping the rollers sliding with ease on the tracks. You should however avoid touching any exposed wires or tampering with the wires as electric garage doors uses electricity. If you find anything that you are not sure of the feel free to contact us ‘St. Louis Garage Door Experts‘ as we have the required expertise. Otherwise, for proper electric garage door maintenance and inspection you should have the required materials. These should include; soft brush, gentle detergent, concentrated cleaning solution, screwdrivers and pliers. You should also have paint (for wooden garage doors) and garage door lubricant or powdered graphite.