Garage doors, just like every other piece of equipment are susceptible to wear and tear and eventual obsolescence. Consequently, they must be replaced from time to time. The process of garage door replacement basically entails obtaining the measurements of the existing garage door; acquiring a new garage door that has similar dimensions as the existing one; removing the existing garage door and finally putting the new garage door in its stead.

The discourse below shall seek to educate the readers on how to measure for garage door replacement with the aim of helping them undertake this task on their own.

Step I: Measure the Width

Measure the width of the existing garage door by use of a tape measure. The width is basically the distance between the right and the left hand sides of the garage door respectively.

Step II: Measure the Height

Measure the height of the existing garage door. The height is basically the distance between the top of the garage door to the bottom thereof.

Step III: Measure the Width of the Areas beside the Openings

Measure the width of those areas that are beside the openings. In general, an additional 3.75 inches of extra space are needed for the installations of the vertical tracks. In case the garage in question is a double car garage door, the center post should have a minimum width of 10 inches.

Step IV: Measure the Areas in between the Door Opening and the Ceiling

Obtain the measurements of the area in between the garage door opening and the ceiling or to the closest obstruction to the ceiling.

Step V: Obtain the Measurements from the Door Opening to the Closest Obstruction

Measure the distance between the current garage door to the rear end of the garage or to the nearest obstruction. Should the door in question be of sectional type, an allowance of around 18 inches in case it is a manual lift door and 4’2’’ in case the door has an electric opener.

After obtaining the measurements, a new garage door is to be obtained with the exact dimensions after which the exercise of garage door replacement is to be embarked on.

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