Garage doors secure home garage and protect your automobile and other belongings stored there. Seemingly harmless, you would be alarmed to know that garage doors have caused dozens of accidents at home. Most of these involve kids at home! So how do to make sure that your kids are safe from the dangers that mishandling of a garage door can cause.

Before discussing that, you should understand the threats that mishandling of a garage door can cause to a child. According to figures collected by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, some of the common mishaps that occur due to irresponsible handling of a garage door include:

  • Injury due to riding of the garage door by children
  • Fingers getting caught between rollers and tracks
  • Injury due to springs
  • Injuries due to broken doors
  • Injuries due to sudden falling of door
  • Crushing of joints

These are only some of the several accidents that occur due to negligence or irresponsibility in handling garage doors. If you have kids at home, the risk is much higher. In order to ensure that your children are safe, you could take a few steps. Here are a few suggestions to keep your children safe from these perils:
1.Keep children away from the garage door
One of the most common reasons for accidents is the tendency of children to run around trying to play a game of duck-the-door. Discourage such activities and keep them away when the door is in use.
2.Keep the remote control out of reach
Make your children understand that the garage door remote control isn’t a toy. Keep it out of their reach to make sure they are safe.
3.Get the wall button fixed at a safe height
While installing the wall button, fix it at a height of about 5 feet from the ground so that children can’t reach it. Also, discourage them from touching it unnecessarily.
4.Check the reversing mechanism of your garage door
Place a roll of paper towels to check if your door reverses on coming in contact with them. If they do not, contact a garage door repair technician immediately to get it fixed.
5.Educate your children about the hazards involved
Instead of simply asking them to stay away from the garage door, tell them what the possible threats could be. It is best to make them understand the risks than to leave them confused about the reasons of your warnings.
6.Do not let children near the garage door when operating
Make sure children are away from the garage door when it is operational. They may run around or play with the door, which can lead to accidents.
7.Do not let children ride the door
Naughty as children are, they may come up with games and tricks involving the door. Discourage all such practices to ensure that they are safe.