SO true every time and again you are always faced with a screeching door hinge or a broken door due to strong winds, mild hurricane or simply accidents. Services regarding garage door repair in Chesterfield, MO

MO, garage door opener repair, broken garage door spring repair is vital for your mechanic business or just simply your home garage. Experts from St Louis Garage are skilled at providing quality repairs for your garage door and there is also the option that they will teach step by step how to repair broken garage door springs and also give easy tips to maintain your garage door.

Changing garage door springs is challenging, you need special tools, which you will obviously buy from hardware shop, and you need to follow safety tips to ensure you do not get hurt at home while repairing your garage door springs at home. First all you will need safety glasses to keep your eyes protected at all times, next you will require the proper winding bars. Remember, we are trying to show you how fix your broken garage door springs at home in case you prefer to try it out. Otherwise you can always contact St Louis garage door experts when you are unable to proceed in the repair alone.

It is important to have winding bars to use in winding your garage door springs safely. A set of vice grips will help you to appropriately set the cables and two wrenches; a 9/ 16″ and a 7/ 16″ is also needed for the spring repair. If you have power tools in your house, it will be much easier, but improvising with the two wrenches is just okay. At the top of your garage door is a drum that wraps around your Torsion Tube, and the cable is wound on the drum to help your garage door move up and down.

Always have another person standing by in case you need help and ensure to unplug the motor to avoid anyone else coming home with a car from destructing you. Assuming that you have 16 by 7 garage doors and only one spring is provided, you will need to add one more spring to the door. This because, two springs will always keep you garage door perfectly balanced at all-time despite the height to raise it. You will use the winding bars and the 7/ 16″ wrench to loosen the bolts. Make sure you have your safety glasses on.

Loosen the two 7/ 16″ bolt using the wrench while the winding bar is inserted. You will then loosen the spring using the two winding bars in 30 rotations. You will be able to see this when the cables at the end on the drums will be loose. If there are tensions on those cables, it is better to call an expert instead.

If otherwise you are successful, remove the springs nicely using the 9/ 19″ wrench and also remember to remove the drums in order to remove the spring. St Louis Garage Door experts offer advice in St Louis, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, Edwardsville, Maryland Heights, Arnold, Ballwin and Florissant View in case you need their services in door repairs.